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Bejing PHABuilder Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

PB3000 - PHB Powder

PB3000 - PHB Powder

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PB3000 is a groundbreaking thermoplastic bio-based polyester, renowned for its versatility in achieving complete compost and natural breakdown across diverse settings. This includes degradation in industrial and home composting environments, as well as through soil, river water, and marine processes. Moreover, it boasts remarkable characteristics such as superior heat resistance, enhanced strength, and effective barriers against water and oxygen, all while minimizing carbon emissions.

Recommended Uses:

PHAlife™-PB3000 is the ideal choice for various manufacturing techniques, including injection molding, casting, extrusion, and blistering. Its adaptability extends to blending modifications with other biodegradable materials like PLA, PBS, and PBAT. This not only boosts their heat resistance and enhances their water and oxygen barriers but also reduces carbon footprints and fine-tunes the degradation pace of the mixed materials.

HDT (°C) 120-130 °C
Melting Point 175 °C
Co-Polymer content 100% PHB
Melt Flow Index (190 °C/2,16KG) ≤ 2 g/10 mini

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