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Bejing PHABuilder Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

PB3000G - PHB Pellets

PB3000G - PHB Pellets

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Introducing PHAlife™-PB3000G: A Revolutionary Thermoplastic Bio-Based Polyester

PHAlife™-PB3000G stands out as an innovative thermoplastic bio-based polyester, engineered to undergo complete compost and natural decomposition in a multitude of settings. This includes not only industrial and home composting but also soil, water, and marine degradation. PHAlife™-PB3000G is distinguished by its superior heat resistance, robust strength, exceptional water and oxygen barrier capabilities, and commitment to low carbon emissions, marking it as a leader in sustainable materials.

Ideal Applications:

PHAlife™-PB3000G excels in a wide range of manufacturing processes, such as injection molding, casting, extrusion, coating, straw production, fiber creation, 3D printing, and blistering, showcasing its versatility. Additionally, it serves as an excellent material for blending modifications with other biodegradable polymers like PLA, PBS, and PBAT. This adaptability not only amplifies their heat resistance and enhances their barrier properties against water and oxygen but also significantly reduces their carbon footprint and fine-tunes the degradation rate of the composite materials.

Tensile Strength (MPa) - ISO 527 30-35 MPa
HDT (°C) 120-130 °C
Melting Point 175 °C
Melt Flow Index (190 °C/2,16KG) 3-15 g/10 min

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