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Bejing PHABuilder Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

PB3420G P34HB (10% 4 HB) Pellets

PB3420G P34HB (10% 4 HB) Pellets

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Discover PHAlife™-PB3420G: A Pioneering Thermoplastic Bio-Based Polyester

PHAlife™-PB3420G is at the forefront of sustainable material technology, offering a thermoplastic bio-based polyester capable of undergoing both compost and natural degradation in a diverse range of environments. This includes industrial composting, home composting, soil degradation, water degradation, and marine degradation. PB3420G excels in heat resistance, structural strength, water and oxygen barrier performance, and maintains a low carbon emission profile.

Versatile Applications:

Engineered for versatility, PHAlife™-PB3420G is an ideal candidate for numerous manufacturing processes. It seamlessly integrates into injection molding, casting, coating, straw production, blistering, blown film, fiber creation, and 3D printing. Beyond its adaptability in production techniques, PB3420G stands out for blending modifications with other biodegradable materials such as PLA, PBS, and PBAT. Incorporating PB3420G enhances the heat resistance, water and oxygen barrier capabilities, and reduces carbon emissions of these materials. Additionally, it allows for precise regulation of the degradation rates, further emphasizing its role in advancing the environmental sustainability of biodegradable products.

Item features
Tensile Strength (MPa) - ISO 527 20-25 MPa
HDT (°C) 85-95 °C
Melting Point 170 °C
Co-Polymer content 10% 4HB

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