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Helian Polymers BV

PHA Sample Box

PHA Sample Box

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This sample package covers a broad spectrum from semi-crystalline to amorphous PHA. These grades are carefully chosen and have undergone in-house testing to ensure the quality.

The sample pack includes the following PHA grades (2,5 kg each):

  1. BP330 (PHBH) from BluePHA.
  2. PHACT A1000P (P34HB) from CJ Bio.
  3. Enmat Y1000P (PHBV) from Tianan Biologic.
  4. PB3430G (P34HB) from PHABuilder.

With these specific grades you get a wide range of excellent properties in heat resistance, strength, water and oxygen barrier and more,  making it an ideal choice for injection molding and extrusion applications. For specific properties of the included grades, please check the product page.

All grades have the capability to degrade in industrial & home composting, soil, fresh water and marine settings leaving no harmful microplastics in the environment.

Limited time available!

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