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Introducing PHACT™ a1000P: The Eco-Friendly Amorphous Bio-Polymer

PHACT™ a1000P is an innovative, environmentally friendly amorphous bio-polymer known for its outstanding biodegradability across a wide range of conditions, including anaerobic, aerobic, aquatic, and compost environments. This versatile material is ideal for general compounding with various polymers, paving the way for the creation of specialized products like packaging, films, and sheets. Its introduction marks a significant step forward in sustainable material technology, offering a greener alternative for manufacturers and industries seeking to reduce their environmental footprint.

Item features
Tensile Strength (MPa) - ISO 527 2,2 MPa
Elongation at break 500% <
Co-Polymer content 30-35% 4HB
Melt Flow Index (165 °C/5KG) 5 g/10min

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