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PHAx 11527 NCA (Nucleating Agent)

PHAx 11527 NCA (Nucleating Agent)

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PHA polymers are a thermoplastic resin that can be used in injection molding, thermoforming and extrusion. PHA is made by bacterial fermentation and is 100% biobased and 100% biodegradable. They have a potentially large design space and resulting application options, if properly applied. And this is where PHAradox comes in.
By blending different PHA polymers, and by possibly adding some sustainable fillers or fibers, PHAradox, finetunes its PHA formulations to match perfectly with the customer needs.

PHAx 11527 NCA is a masterbatch to promote nucleation in slow crystallizing PHBH. It is fully biobased and biodegradable and won’t affect the biodegradability of the PHA material, in which it’s added, in any way.

Important is to keep processing temperatures below 150°C, otherwise the nucleating agent masterbatch loses its effectiveness. Therefor it is only useable in PHA’s that are processable at lower temperatures.

Carrier material: PHBH.

LDR 2% - 5%. Add untill desired crystallization rate is achieved.

Processing temperatures 120 – 150°C.

At higher temperatures, the additive loses its

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